Go Online for more Sales

We provide an end-to-end solution – from marketing to leads to point of sale to order to fulfillment to cash.

Accept online payments

Call us to integrate your Merchant ID with your online, in-person and web, mobile payment channels. Get paid faster.

Setup your Online Business

Fast, 30 day implementation of your e-Commerce Business. Sell your products and services on your website.

All payments accepted

We work with partners to accept payments across all your channels - face to face, online, mobile, kiosk and phone.

Expense tracker

Manage all your expenses and store all receipts on the cloud - fully compliant and secure, easy to use.

Invoice management

Match your invoices to payments and receipts - reports on unpaid invoices to help you recover the dues.

Simple book-keeping

A simple and easy to use application to run your entire business and prepare month end extract for your accountant.

We are UK based

UK based local team who will deal with everyone on your behalf for fast, reliable payments.

Secure and safe

Our partner solutions process over 26 million transactions every day. Our local team is your key to success.

We do just 1 thing: 'Solve your Business problems'

Technology is no good unless it can solve your business problem and help in business growth. We can help you in many ways…

Sell online

Our website team sits with you to understand your business and then develops your website.
Result: A website with character that pulls customers.

Accept all payments

The payments team provides single, multiple or omni channel payment methods – online, mobile, web, in-person.
Result: Easy payments = More revenue

You @ YourCompany

Link your domain, Business email and phone to your social and web profiles.
Result: Customers recognise you as a trusted Brand.

Secure your Data

Collaborate across teams but maintain full control of your Business critical data using Private Cloud.
Result: One-time setup; long-time peace of mind.

One Business view

See and track your business performance every month, day and hour. Get real time business intelligence.
Result: Take timely action to grow your business.

One Application

Multiple systems and vendors mean multiple problems. So, run your entire business on our ‘one reliable platform’.
Result: More time to grow your business.

Business Growth Consultants

We perform a detailed business analysis, present a growth plan for your business and deliver on recommendations.
Result: An end-to-end strategy to execution, delivers results.

IT as a Service

No IT jargons. You tell us what you want. We will use Technology to deliver the results.
Result: You pay a monthly subscription upon delivery.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is simple. You may choose to pay a small percentage per transaction or a small monthly fixed fee.
Call us to find out more.

We have got you covered

We work with the best in Industry – UK High Street Bank, Global Payment Gateway, Microsoft, Google, AWS, Twilio and many more